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Nothing against traditional weddings, but it’s nice to see brides buck the norm and do their big day, their way. It's all about personalization and having fun, from printed bridesmaid dresses in lieu of mismatched solids, to the taco bar riff on family-style buffets.

January through March is peak planning season on Pinterest, with 40 million people saving 3 billion wedding-related ideas. Our number nerds love this stuff! Thanks to them, we pinpointed 25 emerging wedding trends people are saying “I do!” to.

Here are a few of our faves...and if you want to leave out that whole marriage part, then just throw yourself one hell of a party.

Wedding tattoos

SaveInstagramBecause tattoos + marriage = forever. Couples are getting inked with their wedding date, wedding bands and floral bouquets. Wedding bouquet tattoos +116% YoY.32K+2Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

Because tattoos + marriage = forever. Couples are getting inked with their wedding date, wedding bands and floral bouquets. Wedding bouquet tattoos +116% YoY.

Taco bars

Savefrom Uploaded by userWho’s ready to eat like there’s no mañana? Taco bars let guests build their own tacos while you mix and mingle. Searches for taco weddings +132% YoY.204Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

Who’s ready to eat like there’s no mañana? Taco bars (+132% YoY) let guests build their own tacos while you mix and mingle.

Blue suits for grooms

SaveLog inGrooms are forgoing traditional black or navy suits for a more fun, brighter blue hue. Searches for blue groom suits are +90% YoY.3K+Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

Here comes the groom, all dressed in blue (+90% YoY). Guys are rocking the unexpected hue for a look that’s unique yet polished.

Printed bridesmaid dresses

SaveInStyle.com5 Style Lessons For Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Mix prints and solids.  from InStyle.com183Lizzie LaSharkThe Photos...

Millennial brides are choosing ready-to-wear dresses for their tribe that are stylish and affordable. Floral prints (+50% YoY) are front runners, and a look they can actually wear again.

Natural hair

Savefrom naturalhairbride.comForget fussy updos. Natural hair is a classic and timeless look. Searches for natural hair brides +30% YoY.1K+Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

Forget fussy updos. Natural hair (+30% YoY) is a classic and timeless look.

Mini moons

SaveStudio DIYSome couples want a break from all things wedding after the ceremony, so they’re postponing the honeymoon or taking shorter, local mini moons, +122% YoY1K+Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

Some couples want a break from all things wedding after the ceremony, so they’re postponing the honeymoon or taking shorter, local mini moons (+122% YoY).

After the after-party

SaveSouthern WeddingsAfter the reception, the band and caterers go home, and couples do a spontaneous meet-at-a-bar gathering where guests pay their own way (money saver!). Or, they opt for a more organized party part duex a la open bar, with or without entertainment, +35% YoY.76Pin Picks2017 Wedding Report

After the reception, the band and caterers go home, and couples do a spontaneous meet-at-a-bar gathering where guests pay their own way (money saver!). Or, they opt for a more organized party part deux (+35% YoY) a la open bar, with or without entertainment.

—Aimee Bidlack, writing from a heart-shaped jacuzzi filled with champagne, and saving ideas to SOMETHING BLUE

You won’t want to miss this month’s warm-weather rundown of refreshing new trends and returning favorites with a twist. Frozen rosé, mauve makeup and off-the-shoulder tops (just to name a few) signal spring is in the air. Get ready to Pin your heart out...

Spring spirits

Brunch cocktails are up 117%—because you need something to wash down that panzanella. Go beyond the mimosa, and cheers to spring mornings with a bourbon jam cocktail, a spicy bacon Bloody Mary or frozen rosé.

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Style’s in bloom

Flirty one shoulders (+564%) and cold shoulders (+225%) remain a favorite of-the-moment detail. Ruffles are a major hit with fashion girls, too (us included). Take your top to the next level with high-waisted paperbag pants (+682%) and a loafer or mule (+289%).

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Pretty in pink makeup

Mauve is making it’s way into beauty routines this season, with saves up 40%. Eyeshadow is everywhere, and nail polish is peaking at +170%. Understated neutrals and naturals are also on the rise with brown lipstick +20% and bronze makeup +40%.

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Freshen up your home

These easy home hacks will make you forget winter even happened. Use wallpaper to create faux-marble accentsAir plant trapeze and succulent window gardens are growing in popularity. And these leather magazine holders kind of kill it.

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Are you as excited as we are?!

–Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to DIY

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled pinning to bring you this special trend report. Every month, our number nerds look at search and save patterns to pinpoint what’s growing in popularity over time—and the results are just too good to keep to ourselves. Here are the top food, home, beauty and style trends on the rise in March.

Pimped out popcorn

Movies and popcorn go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise this snack started to peak during award show season. But we’re not talking about basic butter here folks. Flavors are getting fancy. The front runner is salted caramel with over 123,000 saves. Things get even sweeter with pb and chocolatecotton candy and Oreo cookie (because, of course). If you’re anything like us, you’re still catching up on all the big winners, so keep the buckets coming!

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Knot your average pillow

Layer in some sculptural vibes with knot pillows. These unexpected accents started to spike in October, and have been going strong with more than 350 thousand saves.

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No-fuss, no-fail hair

Half up buns make growing out your bangs suck less (+92%). Braided top knots offer a twist on our old go-to (+125%). No-heat hairstyles are definitely a YES (+40%). Ban the blow dryer!

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Overalls are not over

If traditional overalls are too tomboy for you, try the girly-girl alternative. The overall dress is making everyone’s style shortlist for spring (+97%).

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—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to HOUSE & HOME

Ace the back-to-spring thing with smart hacks that work in every space, from large lofts and small studios, to full-blown houses and on-the-road Airstreams (my personal dream).

Thanks to 175 million visually-obsessed Pinners, we have 100 billion ideas on Pinterest. For this trend report, we looked at our top categories—home, food, beauty and style—and narrowed it down to 20 ideas. 100 billion to 20 is some serious data processing magic. And tah dah!...a spring cheat sheet of doable/loveable trends on the rise to copy in all your favorite places. Let’s review.

Removeable wallpaper (+344%) is a home decor hero for commitment-phobes and renters. You work with giant stickers that are easy to apply, easy to remove, less messy and more affordable. Go big with a statement wall, or just glam up your drawers.

“no closet” closet (+50%) is a lifesaver for small spaces. Display your favorite pieces with a DIY ladder wardrobe or simple clothing rack.

Solve your off-season storage slump with solutions that double as decor, like vintage trunks, luggage and baskets (+160%).

Because bathrooms tend to be small, hanging shower plants (+302%) add greenery while keeping the floor free and clear. The best part? They basically water themselves.

Don’t be a square. The circular shape of a round mirror (+35%) takes it from functional to decorative.

1960s Capri-inspired ruffles and rainbow stripes from the runways are also inspiring warmer tones, like terracotta (+36%), around the house.

Don’t waste your money on expensive wall decor. Everyday accessories, like hats and jewelry(+155%), add instant character and are easily interchangeable.

If you’re lacking in square footage, a vertical bar cart (+303%) is an easy way to save space and mix cocktails at home. All you need are shelves, a splash of paint and your favorite ingredients.

Jazz up your couch and cabinets with stylish legs and knobs (+30%). It’s a simple way to make something look expensive without the big price tag.

Check out the complete list of home trends, then grab a friend, a beer and toast to your new space.

—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to HOME 2.0

These just-in trends on Pinterest bring the good vibes and fun times. People are looking for simple ways to try something new, whether that means magical unicorn snacks or smart home hacks.

New hues for food

Searches for colorful foods are climbing as two cultural trends hit the food world. Unicorn-inspired food is all over Pinterest, with searches up 394% since January. Nothing is sacred from rainbow: we’re seeing everything from unicorn grilled cheese to DIY takes on the Unicorn Frappuccino. Searches for “millennial pink” foods are also up as people translate this popular clothing color to the culinary world.  

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The newest take on denim

Denim may be a staple, but it’s constantly evolving. This month, Pinners are trying silhouettes like cropped flares (up 190% year over year) and reworked jeans (up 227%). They’re also adding some flair with two-tone denim (up 381%) and denim embellishments (up 90%).

Clever home decor tricks

The right decor can make all the difference. Pinners are looking for affordable, easy and rental-friendly ways to add more personality to their homes. Some of our favorite trends include accessories as decor (up 155%) and removable wallpaper stickers (up 344%).

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Eco-friendly beauty products

Organic, vegan and natural beauty products are growing in popularity as Pinners think about their impact on the environment. From organic coffee scrubs to vegan-friendly moisturizers, there are lots of ways for Pinners to respect the environment as they beautify.

Crazy for keto

The latest diet trend? That’d be the ketogenic diet, which promotes foods low in carbs and high in healthy fats. Searches for keto recipe Pins are up more than 500% year over year as people look for recipes like this cauliflower crust calzone or a scrumptious low carb blueberry cobbler.

—Christine Cassis, saving ideas to Herbal

Live life to the fullest. This was one of the top New Year’s resolutions this year, so it’s no surprise that travel habits are becoming more adventurous and personalized. Baby boomers prefer popular tourist attractions, while millennials seek authentic cultural experiences. In fact, they're more likely to spend their money on these moments than material objects.

Millennial travelers turn to Pinterest to plan their vacation and make decisions about everything from the destination to the itinerary. Travel is one of our top 10 categories with over 3 billion ideas, but travel goes beyond just the destination. It influences everything from food and style to home decor. What people are doing on their trip—eating, drinking, wearing, shopping—is just as important as where they’re going. Let’s take a closer look.

Forest bathing, not what you think

Savefrom sublimevacation.comForest bathing = spending time outdoors unplugged. Searches for digital detox +200% YoY and searches for forest bathing +152% YoY.126Pin Picks2017 Travel Report

To combat the always-inside, always-plugged-in epidemic, Pinners are following the Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku, which translates to “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing” (+152%). It’s the process of absorbing everything about nature—the sights, sounds, smells—to promote physiological and psychological health.

Time to hit the road

Savefrom"Van life" = a bohemian travel movement that emphasizes the journey over the destination. Searches for van life +290% YoY901Pin Picks2017 Travel Report

The rising van life movement (+290%) represents the revival of the American road trip, a hippie-outdoorsiness and a life free of the nine-to-five office grind. But you don’t need a Westy, to get in on the fun—bus and train rides are also popular.

Take a trip with your BFFs

SaveThe Overseas EscapeTraveling with friends is a laid back alternative to romantic couple trips. Searches for group travel +367% YoY37Pin Picks2017 Travel Report

You’re sitting around having a beer and burger with your best buds, and next thing you know you’re planning a trip together. Group getaways are in (+367%), one-on-one romantic rendezvous are out. Some friends make it a tradition to go to the same place every year, but others mix it up and explore new cities, islands and resorts every year.

Bring the vacay vibes home

Savefrom casawatkinsliving.comPeople are making their couches a visual passport, mixing patterns from multiple destinations. Searches for mudcloth textiles +86% YoY and searches for kilim pillows +163% YoY1861Pin Picks2017 Travel Report

Pinners are making their couches a visual passport by mixing patterns from multiple destinations with mudcloth textiles (+86%) and Kilim pillows (+163%). Global grub is taking brunch to the next level with shakshuka (+112%). And move over frosé, aperol spritzes (+90%) are the new day drink, thanks to a low ABV.

Adventure awaits! See the complete list of travel trends Pinners are loving, and start planning your next trip now.

—Aimee Bidlack, packing my bags and saving ideas to EUROPE TRAVEL