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How To Spot Trends And The Elusive Next Big Thing - NewsWhip
In the age of social media, it isn't always enough to be part of the conversation. Leading communicators and PR agencies aim to be thought leaders in their fields by spearheading and driving conversation, not just taking part. It's important to be able to spot emerging trends and potentially viral topics so as to stay ahead of the game.
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Trend analysis - Wikipedia
Although trend analysis is often used to predict future events, it could be used to estimate uncertain events in the past, such as how many ancient kings probably ruled between two dates, based on data such as the average years which other known kings reigned.
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It is one of the most puzzling mysteries of modern culture: how do changes in style and taste come about? It's all part of the inner workings of trends. In Anatomy of a Trend, pioneering trend sociologist Henrik Vejlgaard reveals this startling truth: there are actually predictable patterns behind every trend. Vejlgaard builds a captivating body of evidence that proves anyone can recognize an emerging trend, evaluate it, and make predictions as it follows its course. 

Drawing on his groundbreaking research, Henrik Vejlgaard unearths essential clues about how trends emerge and go mainstream and examines the influential individuals who make this happen.

Throughout are real-life stories of both famous and anonymous movers and shakers who have had worldwide influence in changing our styles of living, including business leaders, designers, and artists, while also conveying the fascinating development of little-known trends that perfectly illustrate the trend's life cycle. Anatomy of a Trend explores every level of this remarkable process-making it easy for you to benefit from the powerful social dynamic that causes trends to take off and spread.

Vejlgaard delivers the tools and knowledge you need to capitalize on every stage of the trend process. As you gain insight into this aspect of human behavior, you will better understand trends and how they affect society, and ultimately learn how you can predict future needs.