Trends to Watch in 2021

All’s fare in bus travel: Whether it’s a one-day tour or getting from Caracas to Patagonia, thrifty travellers are boarding the bus. (Searches for bus travel +32% ) | Interests to target: Road trip, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Hot springs have sprung: People are finding restoration and relaxation in hot springs—from high-end resorts to out in nature. (Searches for hot springs +32%) | Interests to target: Pool and spa, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Game of stones: Travellers are choosing to avoid the queues at Versailles and are seeking out divine, derelict and dilapidated castles. (Searches for abandoned castles +142% ) | Interests to target: Europe, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

No man’s island: Majorca no more! Instead, people are diverting to less-travelled islands for that rare pura vida experience. (Searches for less travelled islands +179%) | Interests to target: Adventure travel, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

A wheelie good tour: Both cycling enthusiasts and casual peddlers are trying bike tours—plus, all that cardio means more cheese-eating en route. (Searches for bike tours +64%) | Interests to target: Cycling tour, Outdoor travel, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Destination unknown: Gather a group, clear their calendars, keep the location hush-hush, and practise shouting “Surprise!” (Searches for surprise destination +192%) | Interests to target: Flight, Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Out-of-the-way towns: People are seeking out small towns for their bucolic views, unique B&Bs and low-key R&R. (Searches for small town travel +276% ) | Interests to target: Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Waste not, jaunt not: “Zero waste travel” means strategic and sustainable packing, eating and even hotel-ing. (Searches for zero waste travel +74%) | Interests to target: Travel Hacks, Hotel, Travel Destinations, Travel Tips, Travel Ideas

The autumn colours are a' changin': Sipping hot cider, peeping and stomping autumnal’s no wonder people are falling for autumn getaways. (Searches for autumn scenery +94%) | Interests to target: Travel tour, Travel photography, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Oh Rio, Rio: The Summer Olympics may be over, but Rio’s still got the sand, the city and carnaval. (Searches for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +142%) | Interests to target: Brazil, Travel tour, Travel hacks, Flight, Hotel, Restaurant

how to find and use data to create profitable, viral content

A cool mix of skills on how to research and create content for a dual niche, free traffic methods that work well, and some branding and expertise tactics you can use to pull in more commissions or sales.

Here's exactly what you'll get in the lessons:
Day 1: Finding Lucrative Dual Niches
Day 2: Drilling Down the Best Digital Affiliate Products to Promote
Day 3: Top Tangible Affiliate Products That Convert
Day 4: Reviewing Digital Products for Maximum Commissions
Day 5: Tangible Review Options that Convert Well
Day 6: The Best Content for Audience Engagement and Commissions
Day 7: Creating the Best Lead Magnet for Loyalty
Day 8: Amazon Publishing for Branding and List Building
Day 9: How to Use Your Competitors' Lists Without Buying It
Day 10: The Right Way to Use FaceBook for Free Traffic
Day 11: Simple Blog SEO for Tons of Traffic Your Competitors Miss
Day 12: Using YouTube to Build Brand Awareness and Showcase Expertise and Advice
Day 13: Posting Strategically on Pinterest and Instagram to Grow Your Audience
Day 14: Becoming a Podcast Personality in Your Niche
Day 15: Turning PLR into a Profit Puller for Your Site
Day 16: Being a Broadcast Marketer Using Trends and Cutting Edge Information
Day 17: Creating a Buyer's Guide for Your Dual Niche Audience
Day 18: Cashing in on Your Ability to Field Questions from a Hungry Audience
Day 19: Countering or Expanding on Competitor Content to Boost Profits
Day 20: Conducting a Case Study to Gain Instant Credibility and Commissions
Day 21: Creating a Month-Long Maintenance Schedule for Dual Niche Domination

[Niche Selection] Top 10 Drop Shipping Niches For 2019
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[Niche Selection] 4 Methods to Find Niches in 2019
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  • Ergonomic work products (chairs, desks, etc.)
  • Courses like pilates and yoga, which help with this condition
  • Posture correctors like trainers that help you stand and sit properly
  • Cervical spine and neck relief stretchers
  • Pillow support to correct the condition when lying down
  • And an increasingly popular option - horizontal prism glasses to prevent the need to slant your head when reading in bed, etc.
  • Electrotherapy machine
  • Neck pain relief
  • Design A Home Theater
  • Plan A Home Theater
  • Home Theater Must Haves
  • Guide To Home Theaters
  • Home Theater Gadgets
  • Install A Home Theater
  • Home Theater DIY Tips
Video projectors for home theaters

Kitchen Island

  • Gardening for Stress Relief FE
  • Gardening Mega Pack
  • Sustainable Living PLR eBook
  • Gardening for Stress Relief OTO
  • Gardening for Stress Relief DS
  • How to Make Gardening a Family Affair
  • Gardening
  • Seaweed Fertilizer
  • Permaculture
  • A Guide to Pest Control in Your Garden
  • A Beginner's Guide to Tower Gardening
  • SHTF Survival Basics PLR Funnel
  • Wilderness Survival Tips Funnel -
  • Survival Prepper MEGA PLR Pack
  • Survival Niche Starter Pack Outlines
  • Ebola Outbreak eBook
  • Bug Out Survival OTO
  • Self Defense Survival OTO
  • 2016 Survival PLR
  • Bug Out Survival FE
  • Self Defense Survival FE
  • Pandemic PLR Articles
  • Ebola Product Reviews
  • Survival PLR
  • Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home
  • Survival Prepping on a Budget
  • Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank
  • A Guide to Movable Micro Homesteads
3 Reasons Why We Build Niche Specific Stores
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