Trends to Watch in 2019
100 Pinterest trends for 2019
Introducing Pinterest's top 100 trends for 2019. Get inspiration for your campaigns, merchandising, even product development.
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Red Carpet Party Ideas Almond Shaped Nails Cake Cookies
Wireless Breastpump House Frame Floor Beds Smart Bassinets Enchanted Forest Party Themes Rustic Nursery Ideas Audio Storytellers Geometric Décor Birthday Scavenger Hunts Birth Stats Signs Natural Lash Lifts Powder Dip Nails Glossy Makeup Techniques Lilac Hair Color Witch Hazel Skincare Standout Lip Color Going Gray Liquid Exfoliator Cropped Fringe Sustainable Fashion Biker Shorts Fashion Tortoise Earrings Oval Sunglasses Snake Print Clothes Robe Silhouettes Ruche Fashion African Print Fabric Statement Sneakers Bamboo Bags champagne wedding dress

Pinterest could go public as soon as April
The company behind the hugely successful bulletin board app Pinterest is reportedly preparing itself for an IPO as early as April 2019 in a move that could start a Silicon Valley gold rush.
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All’s fare in bus travel: Whether it’s a one-day tour or getting from Caracas to Patagonia, thrifty travellers are boarding the bus. (Searches for bus travel +32% ) | Interests to target: Road trip, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Hot springs have sprung: People are finding restoration and relaxation in hot springs—from high-end resorts to out in nature. (Searches for hot springs +32%) | Interests to target: Pool and spa, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Game of stones: Travellers are choosing to avoid the queues at Versailles and are seeking out divine, derelict and dilapidated castles. (Searches for abandoned castles +142% ) | Interests to target: Europe, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

No man’s island: Majorca no more! Instead, people are diverting to less-travelled islands for that rare pura vida experience. (Searches for less travelled islands +179%) | Interests to target: Adventure travel, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

A wheelie good tour: Both cycling enthusiasts and casual peddlers are trying bike tours—plus, all that cardio means more cheese-eating en route. (Searches for bike tours +64%) | Interests to target: Cycling tour, Outdoor travel, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Destination unknown: Gather a group, clear their calendars, keep the location hush-hush, and practise shouting “Surprise!” (Searches for surprise destination +192%) | Interests to target: Flight, Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Out-of-the-way towns: People are seeking out small towns for their bucolic views, unique B&Bs and low-key R&R. (Searches for small town travel +276% ) | Interests to target: Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Waste not, jaunt not: “Zero waste travel” means strategic and sustainable packing, eating and even hotel-ing. (Searches for zero waste travel +74%) | Interests to target: Travel Hacks, Hotel, Travel Destinations, Travel Tips, Travel Ideas

The autumn colours are a' changin': Sipping hot cider, peeping and stomping autumnal’s no wonder people are falling for autumn getaways. (Searches for autumn scenery +94%) | Interests to target: Travel tour, Travel photography, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

Oh Rio, Rio: The Summer Olympics may be over, but Rio’s still got the sand, the city and carnaval. (Searches for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +142%) | Interests to target: Brazil, Travel tour, Travel hacks, Flight, Hotel, Restaurant